Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism

Modern Islamic extremists and terrorism [table of contents] Introduction Increase and diversity of terrorism after [the war on terror] Soil that produces the Islamic extremists International factors that lead to terrorism of Islamic extremists Genealogy of Islamic extremism The activities of Islamic extremists to spread to Europe Globalization of terrorism Islamic extremists - the outlook Conclusion - the correspondence of Japan to Islamic extremists Introduction Islamic extremists are based on the original Islamic law The Islamic state, they [jihad (holy war)] Considered to be established by the violent way of thinking and For example to have. Shine, such as the Islamic world is once The lost is, the Islamic law Muslims (Isla Beam Muslims) is abandoned, since the introduction of Western law Islamic extremists to be the think. Guide the Western Europe method The incoming City corrupt government, and to overthrow by violence Say the are, the Egyptian Sayyid Qutb (0 - year) was the idea of ​​such.